The Year in Pictures

The club was successful again in obtaining eggs, hatching them and placing them into the Fish Creek Watershed. The eggs arrived on January 11, 2007, earlier than usual due a warmer than normal winter.

Taking a break from work on the hatchery

The update to the water supply worked as expected. During the fall of 2006, the club had tapped a second spring, installed two new water lines and a new manifold. The club also replaced the original tank with a new one and built new trays the hold the eggs.

The change was beneficial and mortality was reduced. It was estimated that we lost only 3000 eggs and/or fry. We no longer had different water temperatures in the two tanks and growth rates in both tanks were about the same.

The Atlantic salmon fry were stocked on May 26 and June 2. The fry was a little smaller than in years past because of the slightly cooler water temperatures. We again had a number of people who volunteered to stock fish. We are grateful for the help and wish to thank the people who showed up.

In the fall of 2007 the club undertook increasing the size of the hatchery. With two tanks in the building there is little extra space in the building. We got the floor down before the onset of winter and hope to finish it in the Spring. Gone is the treacherous ramp.