Camden Middle School Fish Stocking 

On Friday May 22, 2015 club members went to the Camden Middle School to assist the students stock the fish that they had raised in the school science laboratory as part of T.U.'s Trout in the Classroom project.    Gene and Jim used a net to sample some of the under water life forms.  The invertebrates were placed in containers on tables for the students to inspect.  Two different kinds of mayflies were found.  Two different types of caddis fly larva were also found.  Stones were taken from the Mad River and placed in containers to illustrate how caddis flies attach themselves to rocks.  There were plenty of stone fly larva found that had a beautiful design on their backs.  Students were brought down in small groups so they could inspect the various life forms taken from the stream.  One of the boys discovered a stone fly larva that had shed its exo-skeleton and was a creamy white.

A second station had been set up to assist the students to stock their fish.  The school provided means for transporting the fish down to the river.  Each student got to stock both a brook trout and an Atlantic salmon.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the outing.  A big hit of the day were some crayfish.  Some of the boys captured crayfish with eggs attached to their abdomen.

Classroom on the river
Tables set up with samples of invertebrate life from the river
Club volunteers
Club members Jim Lawler, Paul Miller, Gene Carey, Mike Mercodie, Dick Kerby and Tom Schnieder