The Elephant in the Room
The Future of the Club

The elephant in the corner of the room is getting larger and needs to be addressed.  

As each of us is getting greyer and newer/younger replacements are harder to come by, we have to think about what the future of the salmon club should be so we can shape it.

We have been raising and stocking Atlantic salmon for 22 years, longer than anyone thought we would last (tilting at windmills).  We’re starting our 23rd year.

The hatchery in McConnellsville appears secure for now.  B&B Lumber seems receptive but they haven’t given a firm statement on our operation yet.  They are still negotiating with Greg Harden on a price for the remaining buildings.  As before, an agreement is expected in the next few months. The dam still needs extensive work but remains intact.

Here is a short list of directions the club could take for future operations:
  1. Continue to buy eggs from Maine and raise/stock our own fish.  This would require improvements to the dam, or a finding that is safe.
  2. Discontinue buying eggs and stock fry received from Vermont hatcheries and/or Lake Clear Hatchery. 


The Bylaws stipulate that upon dissolution of the club, all assets shall be paid over or transferred to the benefit of a New York State chapter of Trout Unlimited, Inc. Our tanks and incubators could be offered to the BOCES program.

This list is incomplete and not intended to set any limits on ideas or alternatives not shown above.

Think this through over the next month and bring any ideas, thoughts, or questions to the next meeting on April 25.  We don’t need to make a decision right away but we do need to discuss this and come to a resolution on the future of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club, Inc. before we prepare for next year.