Dead Drift Stonefly Nymph

  • Hook - 4-8, 2x heavy, 2x long
  • Weight - Lead wire over the rear half of the shank
  • Tail - Two pheasant tail fibers (split)
  • Rib - Brown floss
  • Abdomen - Dark brown fur (squirrel)
  • Thorax - Black deer hair
  • Hackle - Furnace rooster


  1. Bend the hook slightly downwards between the abdomen and the thorax.
  2. Wrap lead wire on the rear half of the hook shank and lacquer.
  3. Tie in the two pheasant fibers and split them.
  4. Tie in the rib and let it dangle for a minute.
  5. Dub a thick abdomen up to the bend in the shank.
  6. Wrap the rib over the abdomen.
  7. Tie in the hackle feather.
  8. Spin a deer hair thorax and trim.
  9. Palmer the hackle through the thorax.
  10. Whip finish.