The Eugene Bend

The Eugene Bend out performs most other knots and tests at 100% of the line strength.
  1. Guide the tippet throught the eye of the hook and back up the line. Pull the tag end back to the fly, forming a loop. Hold
    the tag end and the eye of the hook between your fingers.
  2. Insert your forceps into the loop and wrap the loop three times around the line. Reach through the loop with your forceps and grab the tag end. Pull the tag end through the loop.
  3. Pull the tag end until the knot becomes snug, but not completely tight.
  4. Moisten the knot and with a steady, firm motion, pull the standing line until knot slides down to the eye of the hook and it "seats". The tag end will form a distinct "V" with the standing line if the knot is tied properly.