Fish Creek Access

Access to the East Branch of Fish Creek is limited to bridges that cross over the river as there are no official public access sites.  The river upstream from Taberg to the Rome Reservoir flows through a gorge with near vertical walls of 70 feet or more. Geologists think that the gorge was formed by the outflow from melting glaciers of the last Ice Age.

The East Branch at high water is a dangerous river and is classified as a Class 3 white water river.  The gradient of the river in places is about 100 feet per mile.  Take care when entering the gorge as one can be easily trapped with no exit even with summer flows.  

The club stocks Atlantic salmon upstream from Rome Reservoir and we have had reports of large salmon being caught there.  It appears that some salmon will mature in Rome Reservoir rather than attempt to go further down stream.  

The club also stocks Atlantic salmon in the East Branch below Kessinger Dam and the west Branch below McConnellsville.   Those fish will and have migrated down to Oneida lake and return when large enough.

Some areas of interest are pointed out here on a 
map as follows:

  1. The hamlet of Taberg has two bridges.  Access is by way of the upstream bridge. 
  2. Palmer road bridge has room to park two cars and marks the beginning of the gorge.
  3. Kessinger Dam is owned by the city of Rome Water Authority.   Access by Water Authoriy employees.
  4. Yorkland road bridge has room to park several cars.
  5. Boyd Dam is owned by the city of Rome Water Authority.
  6. Swancott Mills  bridge has room to park several cars.
  7. McConnellsville, site of the club's hatchery. The dam in McConnellsville forms a mill pond that reaches up to Trestle road.
  8. Official fisherman's parking area at Trestle road bridge for the West Branch.
  9. Official fisherman's parking area on the West Branch near Camden.