Directions to the Fish Creek Hatchery

Taberg is a hamlet on State Route 69 between Rome and the village of Camden.

  1. About 0.5 miles East of Taberg on route 69, turn onto West Lee Road.
  2. Go about 3.7 miles to West Lee and turn left on Point Rock Road.
  3. Go about 5.0 miles to the hamlet of Point Rock.
  4. Continue thru Point Rock for another 1.1 miles past Point Rock and take the second left on Murphy Road.
  5. Go another 1.0 miles to the Tkachuk property on the left. You will see a series of ponds on the left side of the road.
  6. Travel past the red house and take the farm road to the hatchery.
  7. The hatchery is in the woods near the third pond.