The 2007 Salmon Hatching Season

The new year began with the delivery of 50,000 Atlantic salmon eyed eggs to the club on Janury 11. The delivery was about a month earlier than normal due to a warm fall and early winter. The early delivery was anticipated and the hatchery was ready to receive the eggs. It did not take long for the eggs to start hatching and by February 3, all of the eggs had hatched. Egg mortality was quite low. With some good luck we will have a lot of fry to stock in the spring.

To see a larger version, click on the image.

This shows the two springs
feeding the hatchery.

Looking down into one of
tiles, showing the water level.

The springs feed not only the
hatchery but the stream as well.

Club members with the shipment
of Atlantic salmon eggs.

Club members loading the trays
with Atlantic salmon eggs.

Note the manifold at the top
of the picture. The green items
oxygenate the water as it enters.

The eggs started to hatch
a few days after receiving
them from Maine

The eggs at the lower left is
bad and needs to be picked out.

A close-up of the previous image.
Notice the fungus on the egg.

A healthy selection of
eggs and alvins.

The inside of the
hatchery showing both
tanks and the manifold.

By February 3 all of
eggs had hatched and
the trays dumped.