Honor Roll

This page is reserved for those intrepid fishermen and fisherwomen who catch and document the largest Atlantic Salmon in the Oneida lake watershed, especially Fish Creek.

Caught by: Thomas Fleming

Where: On the East Branch
North of  Palmer road

When May 28, 2020

Caught by: Kyle Halbritter

Where: Near Lewis Point on Oneida Lake in 24 feet of water

When: January 19, 2015

The fish was 30 inches long
Atlantic salmon 2015

Atlantic salmon - 2013  Caught by: Jerry Laugnot of Cicero, NY

Where: Near Dakin Shoal on Oneida Lake

When: May, 2013

The fish was 27 inches long


Caught by: Gary Bartell

Where: Somewhere in Fish Creek

When: Fall, 2004

Length: 23 inches

Caught by: Jim Boicourt

When: February 6, 2006

Where: North Bay on Oneida Lake

Length: 18 inches


Caught by: Arlington Morey

When: August 24, 2004

Where: East Branch of Fish Creek

Length: 19 inches

Weight: 2.3 pounds