The Hatchery in McConnellsville

On November 22, 2010 Harden Furniture began to build a structure to house the club's hatching equipment. Club members began to accumulate the pipe and fittings needed for the hatchery. It was decided that the supply pipe should be 6 inches in diameter. There was already a pipe installed at the dam that was no longer being used and Harden gave the club permission to connect to it for our water supply. It was thought that the larger pipe would not freeze up due to the greater flow of water through the pipe.

On December 18, 2010 club members met at the dam in McConnellsville to determine the layout of the tanks and the tasks to be done. Club member met again on December 31 and began the process of installing the piping for the tanks.

The hatchery is located in a sluiceway at the dam in McConnellsville, New York.
This is sructure was built by Harden Furniture showing the sky-lights built into the roof.
There are timbers at the end of the sluiceway that allows the level of the pond to be changed.
There was a pipe built into the dam which will be used as the source of water for the
fish tanks.
Tom is installing a manifold which will be used to distribute water to the various tanks.
Jim (right) and Dick are attaching a piece of six inch pipe to the manifold.
The pipe is marked using a felt marker and
strap to get a nice circular cut.
Arlie is cuttin the pipe using a regular circular saw.
A cleanser and adhesive is applied to the pipe before joining sections.
Tom, Tom and Jim working at the source of the water for the tanks.
Gene and Dick went for more pipe.  The club bought 5 sections of 6 inch pipe. 
The source pipe is shown almost complete to the manifold.

As it turned out the pipe to which we connected our water supply did not have the necessary head to supply water to our tanks.  The club had assumed that the pipe had gone all the way through the dam.  That was a bad assumption and all of this work was for naught.