2009 Atlantic Salmon Stocking

On Saturday July 18, 2009 club members met to stock the Atlantic salmon from our own hatchery. This time the weather cooperated and it was a nice sunny day. The club had to wait until we received the fish health report from the lab. The fish were larger than normal due to the later date of stocking. The water temperature was also moderated to assist in their growth.

Club members stocked some 30,000 Atlantic salmon in the East Branch of Fish creek. Special thanks goes  to Tom Tkachuk and Dave Miller for their yeoman work in raising our fish. Thanks guys

The larger fish necessitated the use of oxygen in the transportation of the fish to the various sites. We placed plastic bags in each pail, added water and the fish. A tube was place in the bag, the air squeezed out and oxygen added to the bag. The bag was then sealed by an o-ring for transportation to the site.

The temperature of the water in the hatchery differed from stream temperature by a few degrees. To avoid thermal shock volunteers were asked to equalize the temperature of the water in their pails with that of the stream by introducing, a little at a time, water from the stream into their pails.

Thanks to all who helped to stock the fish.

The club's hatchery showing the addition added in 2008

Dave, Tom and Paul in a moment of levity

Tom Tkachuk owner of the site of the hatchery

Paul giving last minute instructions to the volunteers

Our fish were in great shape due to the dilligence of Tom and Dave

A nice bucket of fish

Atlantic salmon headed for its home behind a rock in Fish creek


The stocking completed, club member Lloyd poses for a picture