Stocking 2012

The level of committment from club members remains very high.  Special recognition should be given to the people who attended to the needs of the hatchery once a week for nearly 6 months.  Some would travel some 30 miles one way to perform this duty through all kinds of weather.  These people are as follows: Paul Miller, Dave Miller, Pete Renne, Mike Mercoldie, Jim Lawler, Jim Morris, Ted Collins and Tom Scheneider.

The hatching season was a good one for the club with low mortality.  At one point there was a bump in the mortality after heavy rains washed debris into the tanks from the pond.  After the water cleared fish mortalilty dropped to the normal low levels.  One thing that was noticed by workers was the amount of aquatic life in the tanks.  Our fish not only consumed the food from the feeders but they also ate natural food.

Volunteers assemble to stock Atlantic salmon

Finally the big day arrives on June 30 for the stocking.  The Fish Health Certification Report and the Fish Stocking Permit were issued by DEC and received by the club and we can proceed.  Thanks to all who helped the club put fish into the water in 2012.
Ted cleaning the tanks

Ted Collins is here cleaning one of the four tanks  in the hatchery.  He uses a rigid but flexible tube connected to a length of PVC plastic tubing.  Once a syphon is initiated Ted merely sucks up any debris that might have accumulated on the bottom of the tank.
Paul Miller cleaning the fish tank

Paul is looking for any fish that may have died since the previous day.  Paul uses a small aquarium net to pick up those items not picked up by the syphon.
One of the four stainless steel tanks holding fish

This is a view of just one of the four tanks holding fish.  The fish are quite energetic and some were trying to jump out of the tank.  Normally, a cover is placed over each tank to prevent fish from escaping.  Water temperature was about 68 degrees F.
Paul giving last minute instructions

Paul Miller is here giving last minute instructions to the assembled volunteers.  Paull assigns a site to each 2 member team, stressing safety saying that each little fish can swim a lot better than any human.  Mike Mercodie is to the left with the video camera.