Stocking 2015

Another season of raising and stocking Atlantic salmon successfully has concluded.  

The eggs were received January 22, 2015 and placed in our incubator.  By March 25 all of the eggs had hatched and on April 25 the fry were placed in the tanks in the hatchery.  After receiving the fish health report about half of the fish were given to Jason and Chris for their studies and the other half were stocked in the West Branch of Fish Creek.

Special thanks should be given to the individuals who visited the hatchery each week for 19 weeks and who cleaned the tanks on daily basis and saw to it that the fish were fed and cared for.  These individuals are:  Paul Wenham, Tom Schneider, Mike Mercoldie, Paul Miller, Jim Lawler, Jim Morris, Dick Kirby and Ted Collins.

On Friday June 19, club members met at the hatchery to conclude our stocking efforts for 2015.  We first cleaned the tanks and straightened the hatchery out for the summer.  Chris and Jason did not need the rest of the Methamagogg Atlantic salmon that were in the hatchery in Morrisville State College as they had salmon enough for their studies.

Club members drove to Taberg and placed the Methamagogg Atlantic salmon in the East Branch of Fish Creek.  The water was quite high from recent rains so wading was done at a minimum.  Water from the river was added to the water in the coolers containing the fish until the temperature of the water in the cooler matched that of the river.  

cleaning the tanks
Members Dick Kirby, Jim Lawler, Martha  Paye and Ted Collings cleaning out the tanks in the hatchery for the  summer.
cooler and guys
A truck was used to transport the cooler containing the fish down to the river.  Shown are Paul, Ted, Dick, Jim and Tom
Martha stocking
Martha stocking fish
Tom stocking
Tom  stocking fish
Ted stocking
Ted stocking fish
Diak and Jim deciding where to go
Jim and Dick deciding where to go to stock their fish.  Other members went down stream to stock their fish.
Stocking fish
Dick Kirby stocking salmon along side some heavy water
Done stocking
Paul Miller, Dick Kirby  with Jim Lawler in the background after putting fish in the water