Stocking 2019

Over the past summer the club decided not to raise any fish from eggs to stock in 2019.  Instead it was decided to try to obtain excess Atlantic salmon from hatcheries.  The main reason for the change is the condition of the dam.  The hatchery needs a certain level of  water behind the dam or head in order to get the flow necessary for the fish.  During the summer there was no water flowing over the dam as all of the water was flowing through the dam.

In addition the Harden Furniture Factory was sold and there is no money to repair or replace the dam.  It was obvious that the dam would further deteriorate and the club could lose its entire crop of salmon fry if we tried to  raise our fish in the hatchery.  Several hatcheries were contacted and the Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Vermont indicated they would have excess fry for the club.  So on April 28th club members traveled to Vermont with two large fish tanks complete with aerators.  

Approximately 57,000 Atlantic salmon fry were transported to Taberg the following day.  The fish arrived in good shape with very little losss.  Between 30 and 35 volunteers showed up to help stock Atlantic salmon fry in both the East and West Branches of Fish Creek as well as Furnace Creek and the Mad River.  We formed a caravan and followed the truck to the different sites.  Several buckets of fish were stocked above Boyd Dam in Lewis Country.

The weather was perfect and all had a good time.  The water level were too high for wading which was kept to a minimun.  Thanks to the volunteers we were done in three hours.

The stocking crew meeting in Taberg, NY at the little league field

Water from the fish tank was placed in five a gallon bucket along with a good scoop of fish for stocking

A good bucket of Atlantic salmon

It is easier sometimes of form a bucket brigade on steep banks

Mad River, a tributary to the West Branch was also stocked

A few people brought their children and they got to stock fish

The caravan on Quarry Road near the Mad River