Stocking 2020

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the club decided not to stock any Atlantic salmon during 2020.  The club had an arrangement to receive surplus fish from the Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Vermont but it was decided not to endanger the volunteers who help transport and stock the salmon fry.

It was announced
by executive order that all schools were to be closed on March 18, 2020 by Governor Cuomo.   On March 17 club members went to the Camden Middle School and stocked the brook trout being raised as part of the Trout in the Classroom project.  The Atlantic salmon alvin were placed in one tank and moved to the home of one of the teachers in the Camden Middle School.    Michele took care of the fish until on May 18 when club members assisted in stocking the salmon in the Mad river behind the Camden Middle School.  Teachers from the Altmar-Parish school also attended along with their children.

Teachers and the children gather around Paul Miller as they examine some of the invertebrates found in the water

This is an example of a water penny that lives in the water.  It gets its name because it looks like a penny

This rock was casually picked up by Paul showing a number of caddis fly larva.  They are a worm like creature that builds a home for themselves from material in the stream.  The caddis cases are pointed in the direction of water flow so that they can filter out the micro-organiisms that they feed on. The past winter was especially good  for micro-organisms living in the water.   It is diffficult to see because of the water on the rock but the caddis cases are actually rectangular tubes in which the larva live and feed.