Stocking 2021

On April 24, 2021 members and volunteers met in Taberg to help stock some 63,000 Atlantic salmon fry into  Fish Creek and some of it tributaries.  The Lake Sebago strain Atlantic salmon came from the Ed Weed Fish Cultural Station in Vermont.  The club was responsible for the transportation and care of the fish during the trip.  Oxygen levels in the water were monitored as well as the temperature during the five and a half hour trip to Taberg.  The fry arrived in fine condition about 12:30 and the last fish was stocked about 5:30.

Members and volunteers

Many thanks go to the volunteers who helped stock the Atlantic salmon fry.  It was a great day to be out of outdoors and every one appeared to be having fun.  River levels were lower than in past years due to a warmer than usual winter.
Truck with fish tanks
Jason Sewell took the fish tanks back home to Connecticut with him and he repaired, painted and added the club's logo to the sides of our tanks.  The result were just incredible and it added a tourch of class to our enterprise.  Thanks a zillion Jason!

We had about 14 cars following the truck to various sites.  It made for a large caravan but traffic was light and nobody seemed too mind too much.  

Vice president Tom Schneider helped scoop out the fish from one of the tanks.  Jason netted fish in the second tank.

Fish were placed in buckets for people to take to the streams.

Some of the younger people went bare legged when they stocked their fish.  The water temperature was measured to be between 48 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit (9 to 11 Celsius).  Ahh, to be young again!
Collin Boots navigating one of the streams to a likely spot for the salmon fry.

Dick Kirby is stocking his fish by allowing them to swim to their freedom.

The Atlantic salmon fry were in good shape even by the end of the day

Jim Morris releasing his fish to the wild.