Stocking 2022

Club members met in Taberg on April 23, 2022 to stock Atlantic salmon obtained from the Ed Weed Fish Cultural Station located on Grand Isle in Vermont.  The truck arrived at noon and some 31 people showed up to stock 48,000 Atlantic salmon fry.  It was a cool cloudy day with threatening rain but luckily the rain held off until the stocking was done.  Water was high and dangerous due to a recent snow melt.  Some of the stocking sites were in deep gullies which made access to the river difficult.

Many thanks to the volunteers who braved the elements to stock Atlantic salmon.  The club could not do this work without your support.

Paul handing out locations of stocking sites and stressing being safe while stocking
E Branch Fish Creek
This is the East Branch of Fish Creek near Taberg at 1800 cu ft per second
Furnace Creek
The smaller streams were more accesible to wading
Cobb Brook
Volunteers stocking Atlantic salmon in a back yard
Forest Park
Each volunteer was given a half pail of water containing several hundred Atlantic salmon fry to stock
Forest Park
Stocking salmon in the West Branch of Fish Creek