Stocking 2023

About 14 club members met on April 15 to help stock approximately 20,000 Atlantic salmon fry into the Fish Creek watershed.  The club decided to stock fish in only 7 sites this year because we did not receive enough fish to stock the 10 or 11 sites we normally do.  The weather was perfect with temperatures in the mid 80's.

Jason arrived in Taberg just after noon with the salmon fry.  President Jim Lawler met Jason at the Ed Weed Fish Cultural Station in Vermont and helped load the fish into our tank.  Only one tank was required.  Ice was added to the tank and the fish arrived in great shape.

The stocking crew of 2023

It was a long day for Jim Lawler as he spent the night in Plattsburg to meet Jason.  They had to get up early to load the fish.

Volunteers followed the truck to the various sites.  We paired up to reduce the number of cars in the caravan.

The West Branch of Fish Creek got its share of the salmon.
Paul Miller stocking salmon in Cob Brook
Carl Guereschi  after he finished stocking the East Branch
Peter Renne and his wife socking Atlantic salmon fry
Jason putting Atlantic samon fry into a pail