Stocking 2024

Club members met in Taberg on April 20, 2024 to stock Atlantic salmon obtained from the Ed Weed Fish Cultural Station located on Grand Isle in Vermont.  The club received about 29,000 Atlantic salmon fry.  Only one tank was used and the fish arrived with very few lost during shipment.  The truck arrived about 12:30 on a cool, very windy day.  

About 20 people helped out with the stocking.  Ten different sites were stocked.  Two sites were in the East Branch, one site was in the West Branch and the rest of the sites were in tributaries of Fish Creek.  The water was about 38 degrees and still high from the recent rains so wading was not easy and was kept to a minimum.  The water flow in the East Branch of Fish Creek was 1050 cu ft/sec.  Water flow in the West Branch of Fish Creek was 590 cu ft/sec.  Scattered showers were forcast and we only experienced a few light sprinkles.

Many thanks to the volunteers who braved the elements to stock Atlantic salmon.  The club could not do this work without the state's permission and the property owners giving permission to the club to stock fish in the watershed.  Thanks also to the people coming together to help stock fish.

About20 people helped stock about 29,000 fry in 10 different sites.

This is the East Branch of Fish Creek near Taberg at 1050 cu ft per second

The smaller streams were more accesible to wading

But wading was still treacherous

Members of the club stocking Atlantic salmon 

Only one tank was needed to transport the fish