Trout in the Classroom

2018 Stocking at Camden Middle School

On Friday May 26, 2018 members of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club assisted students of the Camden Middle School in stocking the Mad River with brook trout that the students had raised in the school's laboratory.  This program was done in corroboration with Trout Unlimited.  T.U. provided brook trout eggs and the club provided Atlantic salmon eggs.   The club provided additional Atlantic salmon fry  to the school so that every child got a chance to stock fish.

Club members also collected invertebrates from the stream to show students.  Due to a colder than usual April there were fewer invertebrates than normal found in the river.
Jim and Bill collecting invertebrates
Jim Lawler and Bill Scot collecting invertebrtes from the Mad River
a collection of invertebrates
Our invertebrate collection was not as expansive as normal
Students stocking salmon and brook trout
There were a lot of wet feet in school as a result of stocking the fish
students stocking fish
The sixth grade teacher with some of her students
Paul Miller showing invertebrates
Paul Miller explaining something to one of the students