Trout in the Classroom

2019 Stocking at Camden Middle School

On Friday May 17, 2019 members and other volunteers met in Camden Middle School to assist the sixth grade students stock both Brook trout and Atlantc salmon that were raised in the classroom.  The club provided additional Atlantic salmon so that each student got to stock fish.  About 165 students participated.

In addition to stocking fish, the students could view and interact with some of the aquatic life inherent in the stream.  Stone fly larva, may fly larva and other life forms were obtained from the Mad River by members of the club.  The water level in the rivers were high but had come down.  On Tuesday the flow in the main stem of Fish Creek was nearly 6000 cu ft/sec but had come down to 2500 by the time of the stocking.

Paul Miller speaking to sixth grade students
Paul Miller is here explaining to the Camden Middle School students what they were about to see and do.
Students around the bug table
One of the students with a stone fly.  A bug table was set up and specimens taken from the stream for a hands on experience.
A Mad River stone fly
A stone fly taken from the Mad River.  The gold colored tisues are the gills of the stone fly and they are used to obtain oxygen from the water.  Stone flies are primitive insects and require well oxyginated water in order to survive.

All of the students seemed to enjoy stocking their fish

Each student was given a glass with a fish to place in the water.

The water was shallow where the students stocked fish and at 54 degrees the water was cold.

The water had receeded quite a bit but it was still high enough to be treacherous.  Here Jim and Paul are collecting specimens from the mad River and you can tell from the wake that the water is flowing fast enough to be dangerous.

Members of the club that assisted the Camden Middle School students stock their fish pose for the final picture.