Trout in the Classroom
Stocking Camden  Middle School 2022

Club members met in Camden on May 26, 2022 to assist the students at the Camden Middle School stock the fish that they had raised in the classroom as part of T.U.'s "Trout in the Classroom" project.  Members met behind the school and were divided into three groups: the Load Out Crew, the Transportation Crew and the Creek Crew.  Fish from three classrooms were placed into a large cooler with an oxygenator which was driven down to the Mad River by use of the school's Gator.

The weather was perfect for a day outside and everybody seemed to enjoy the outing.

Members of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club

Colin and Jim searching for invertebrates and other aquatic life

A view Of Camden Middle school from the Mad River

Each student was give a fish to place into the water

The water was low and shallow and did not present any danger although there were some wet feet.

Paul is showing one of the students that a caddis larva builds his home in the water with bits of sand glued together

There were plenty of fish to go around and everybody got a chance to stock their fish