Camden Stocking 2024

On May 20, 2024 the club assisted the students of the Camden Middle School in stocking the fish that they raised in the classroom.  This is the tenth year of the association between the Camden School district and the Atlantic Salmon Club.  The weather was perfect for an outing.  Club members transported fish from the classrooms to the Mad River located close to the school.  Each student was given a Brook trout and an Atlantic salmon to stock.

Carl looking for aquatic life to show the students.  Interestingly,  Carl's shadow on the water is green which is being illuminated by the bushes in the back ground which in turn is being illuminated by the sun.

Examples of a quatic life found in the stream were placed in containers for the tudents to observe 

The fish from the classrooms were placed in coolers for transport to the stream

Students stocking fish 

Tom identifying the aquatic life found in the stream

Some students could not resist the temptation to wade in the stream