Salmon in the Classroom

Immaculate Heart Central School

On May 23, 2019 members of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club along with members of the Tug Hill - Black  River chapter of Trout Unlimited helped the students of the Immaculate Heart Central School stock Atlantic salmon raised in the classroom as part of T.U.'s Trout in the Classroom project.  Parents and teachers were also involved providing transportation for the students to the stocking site.  

The salmon were placed in Lindsey Creek about 2 miles from Sandy Creek.  
This is the third year salmon were raised in IHCC and placed in Lindsey Creek.  

Paul Miller is placing water in a cooler to transport the Atlantic salmon to the stream

Paul is explaining the agenda and how the fish survive in the stream until they are large enough to swim out to Lake Ontario

Paul is explaining how the salmon look for cover to protect themselves from predation

An overview of the students looking for invertebrates that the fish will need to eat in order to survive