Stocking July 2013

On Saturday, June 29 club members met at the hatchery in McConnellsville.  Some 35,000 Atlantic salmon fry were packaged and transported to stocking sites on the West Branch of Fish Creek.  Due to weather and water conditions no fish were placed in the East Branch.  A large number of salmon fry were lost several days before the stocking and it was felt that the less time the fish were being transported was critical  to the survival of the salmon.

Thanks go to everyone who had a hand with putting fish in the water.

Packaging the salmon

The club had help from the Boy  Scouts

Packaging the salmon

Club members are placing Atlantic salmon fry into plastic bags.  The bags are placed inside 5 gallon pails for transport to the stocking sites.  After enough salmon fry are placed in the bags, a
hose connected to an oxygen tank is inserted and all of the air is expelled.  Tom here is putting oxygen into the bag.  When the bag is nearly full, it will be sealed by a rubber ring.

Dick Kirby stocking Atlantic salmon

Once salmon fry are transported to the stocking sites, the bags are unsealed and emptied into the pails. Dick Kirby here is stocking Atlantic salmon at one of the sites on the West Branch.