How to Whip Finish a Fly


The best way to finish a fly is the whip finish. A series of half hitches can also be used but using a whip finish tool is so much easier and it is more secure and can be incorporated while winding the head.
Step 1

1. Lay the whip finish tool on the thread, holding the rotating part between the thunb and forefinger. Catch the thread with the tool. Whip-finish-02.jpg
Step 2

2. Raise the bobin up, above the vise.
Step 3

3. Slide your right hand down the tool, grasping it on the handle while moving your hand to the left. Whip-finish-04.jpg
Step 4

4. Raise the whip finish tool above the vise while lowering the bobbin, catching the thread against the hook shank.
Step 5

5. Once you have the thread caught against the hook shank you can spin the tool around the hook shank as many times as you want. Try 10 turns and then make another whip finish. You never have to lacquer the head.