What Flies to Use

We have gotten a number of queries as to what flies to use when fishing for Atlantic salmon. You can use the same flies as you use for trout. What follows are the flies recomendated for the Delaware river. It is generally believed that Syracuse area streams are 1 week later in the Spring than the dates given.

Insect/fly Size Dates
Early black stonefly 12-16 All month
Streamers 4-6 All month
White Zonker 4-6 All month
Wooly Buggers 4-6 All month
Blue Quill 18 Mid April
Hendrickson 14 Last Week
Red Quill 14 Last Week
Insect / Fly Size Dates
Hendrickson 12-14 Early May
Red Quill 12-14 Early May
March Brown 10-12 Third week
Olive 14-16 All month
Apple Green Caddis 16 All month
Sulphur 16 Mid-late
Green Drake 6-8 Last Week
Brown Drake 8-10 Last Week
Insect /Fly Size Dates
March Brown 10 First week
Green Drake 8 First week
Brown Drake 8 First week
Olive 16-18 All month
Sulphur 16-18 Mid month
Caddis 16-18 All month
Light Cahil 14 Mid-Late
Potamanthus 10 Mid-Late
Insect / Fly Size Dates
Olive 16-18 All Month
Sulphur 16-18 All Month
Caddis 16-18 All Month
Light Cahil 14 First Half
Isonychia 12 First Half
Terrrestrials 14-20 All Month
Insect / Fly Size Dates
Light Cahil 14-16 All Month
Olive 16-20 All Month
Terrestrials 14-20 All Month
Isonychia 12-14 All Month
Insect / Fly Size Dates
Olive 16-20 All Month
Sulphur 18-20 Possible
Isonychia 12-14 All Month
Caddis 16-18 All Month

* Information gleaned from the Fly Fishing Guide

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