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The club has been involved with restoring Atlantic salmon to the Fish Creek watershed since 1997.  The club has managed to stock fish every year, even in 2016 when we lost all of our fish in our hatchery due to a loss in our water supply.  In that year two hatcheries
Dwight D. Eisenhower National Fish Hatchery   and the Adirondack Fish Hatchery) donated Atlantic salmon to the club for stocking.

Hatching Eggs 2007

Stocking 2008

Stocking 2009

Stocking 2009(our fish)

Stocking 2010

Stocking 2011

Stocking 2012

Stocking April 2013

Stocking June 2013

Stocking May 2014

Dick cleaning fish tank
Dick cleaning one of the hatching tanks prior to stocking